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Artisan Options: Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are starting to gain some popularity. Hybrid may sound like it’s complicated but with the right support, it’s a great way to raise awareness and funds while keeping your in-person crowd size down. You’ll need some of the same tech as a virtual event but your options open up a lot.

Hybrid Options:

Screening Event - larger watch party (50-80 people) with a big screen everyone is focused on and Auctioneer comes to the event via Studio (Think a Cinema) and others watch from their own homes (Online auction, no live)

Live Studio Audience* - Auctioneer is in the studio and there is a small gathering of people in attendance (approximately 40 - 60 people) in the studio LIVE watching the taping. Others attend from home or watch parties. (Online auction, in-person live auction post stream)

Live Broadcast Event* - Live Audience (200 +) at a Venue with a tech team streaming the event for folks who could not attend. Everything is happening in real time being broadcast out to the at home attendees. (Online auction, in-person live auction post-stream)

Add on Service: Post Highlight Campaign: After you Live Broadcast Event, you take your recorded video and create an email campaign for those who could not be in attendance. Additional filming can be done to add to the production by way of a host or speakers.

Split Hybrid - Literally 2 events. You host a virtual gala during the cocktail hour from the stage at the venue while attendees are arriving onsite. Then after the cocktail hour ends, folks come into the room for the Live Auction Event. Two separate events hosted either on the same night or separate nights. (Online and/or Silent Auction, Post Stream Live Auction)

*Gift Recognition/Appeal (great for audiences all over): Livestream the main part of the programming along with the appeal so that all gifts can be recognized in real time - 30 minutes total. End the livestream and host the live auction in the room with live attendees.

Wow, what about staff? Well, what does staffing look like for a hybrid event?🎤 🥳💻 Well, here’s what Artisan brings to the party:

Production Manager: Your Production Manager is the eyes and ears on event night. For instance, if you need to get information to your Fundraising Host, text Donor Support and share your news. They will get your information to the Production Manager.The Production Manager will follow your script closely to make sure all cues are being followed and executed. If something needs to be addressed, they will bring it to the attention of the proper event team member. When you need anything, the production manager will be your facilitator to get the information to the right person ASAP.

Fundraising Host/Auctioneer: Your Fundraising Host will be your revenue leader on event night and will work closely with the Production Manager to make sure all elements of your event are executed according to plan. They lead the fundraising and work with the MC after the streaming event has ended to get your auction up and running!

Donor Support: Not everyone is tech savvy, so our Donor Support Team is there to answer any questions that come up from attendees who may have trouble with the live stream or bidding platform. We hope that everything runs smoothly, but if a giving issue arises, these folks have you and your bidders covered. Donor Support is also your direct link to the Production Team on Virtual Gala night

Chat Room Cheerleader: Your chat room cheerleader is your hype person. They interact with your online audience while also relaying critical information via the chat window. Your Chat Room Cheerleader makes sure every guest is seen and encourages engagement in the chat window.

Bid Assistants: Your bid assistants are your hype people. They act as an extension of your Benefit Auctioneer and will interact up close with your attendees so the Auctioneer can keep a larger eye on the entire room. Bid Assistants make sure every bid gets seen and encourage bidders to go for it. The final number of Bid Assistants will be determined by your Estimated Guest Count and your Stage Layout. Events that are In-The-Round generally require additional Bid Assistants.

Auction Clerk: Your Auction Clerk will be responsible for recording all of your sales transactions. Their sole responsibility is to listen to the auctioneer during the program so that they can record every transaction accurately. Don’t be offended if they shoo you away from their space – it is crucial that they are 100% focused so they can track every dollar and prevent problems with donors.

Data Clerk: Your Data Clerk will be responsible for making the virtual mercury rise in the virtual thermometer. Their sole responsibility is to listen to the Host during the program so that they can record every matching gift accurately and keep the giving momentum strong. They are cued by the Production Manager and can add offline gifts in real time. We can provide a data clerk depending on your chosen giving software platform.

Interested in hearing more? Just reach out!

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