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Care and Feeding of Introverts at Your Live Fundraiser

Friends, we all know that our live gala audiences are wonderfully diverse, and it’s lovely having so many like-minded people in one room. We’re going to have a great time, right? Get jolly, get excited to bid, have some friendly bidding wars, donate, and learn more about a wonderful organization.

Sounds awesome, right? You’ve checked all your boxes. You dug in and made sure people are accommodated. You’re addressing everything from parking to restrooms, to covid contact precautions, and more. You’re killing it.

But wait. We may have forgotten one very valuable group at your event. Introverts.

Contrary to popular belief, many introverts love spending time with their friends and family, and many enjoy social events. Introverts are wonderful donors and volunteers, being great listeners, and creative and thoughtful members of your community. Introverts are a phenomenal asset to any org in any capacity. Trust me, I have a few on staff. They’re amazing.

It’s important to remember that your gala event is a high-energy night. The number one way to lose the introverts in your audience is by forgetting that they need to recharge. Think about it: Polly is an introvert, she was excited to come but she got cornered by a well-meaning chatterbox and now Polly’s energy tank is reaching a critical low. Polly can’t find a friendly way to back out of the conversation and soon she’s running on empty. When the group she came with circles back to her, she may opt to go home early before bidding or donating. She may take a few people with her when she goes. Or she might just sit through the night a little wiped out, not really keyed into the events as they unfold, and miss an opportunity to bid, buy a raffle ticket, or donate.

You can take care of your entire audience if you remember introverts during your planning phase. Have some things that break up the room; an appetizer table, raffle sellers, wine pull, or something else that fits your event that gives them a moment to break away from the big things and recharge. Get creative. If your venue allows, maybe stage small calming seating area where they can take a quick breather before the main event starts.

Giving a beat for your introverts will allow them to join their tablemates, enjoy dinner, a swift program and let them recharge prior to getting engaged for the bidding, donating, and of course,

the afterparty.

Need new ideas? We’re always brainstorming! Reach out today!

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