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We'll craft a custom event that spotlights your brand, engages your audience, and helps you smash your fundraising goals.

We want your nonprofit to go out into your community and do great things, pure and simple. When you're fundraising with Artisan, you’re getting fundraising consultation custom-crafted for your nonprofit with your success as our goal. At Artisan Auctions, we offer an in-depth approach to help you raise more money with less stress.


We start by taking a close look at your past events, donor behaviors, and operational goals. From there, we apply a shrewd mix of data analysis, market research, and industry expertise to start planning an event your supporters will love.


Once we know what your donors want, we can start to select and refine the auction strategies you need to get every donor excited about giving. We believe there are four types of auction attendees- and we want to get all of them revved up and eager to participate

We highly recommend Alix Zimmerman as a host for your fundraising event. As a nonprofit in a small rural town raising funds for a delicate topic, she set the right tone for the event. Alix was able to take the facts of our population and the tone of the event and weave them together to create an environment for generosity. Many of our donors asked us that night about her connection to our community because of her ability to connect with our audience. This really put a personal touch to our event and engaged our audience deeper to our work. We couldn't have asked for a better host.

Amy Busch & Tosca Rawls, Development Directors | Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness


Next, we’ll help craft and optimize your Live Program and Event Messaging so that every moment your guests experience is serving one goal: maximum generosity. We’ll walk you through the process in our four targeted hours of consultation, broken up to cover each element of your fundraising.


We work hard to prep every member of our team - that means once event day rolls around every member of your on-site team will know how to manage the event to support your organization’s specific goals. With a solid plan and fundraising professionals at your side, we’re always ready for the event ahead.

it's go time

Want to throw a high-revenue event that will have your donors talking? We can help you do that. Schedule your discovery call today!

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