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Need some new fundraising ideas? If you're looking for consultation customized to your nonprofit's unique needs, you're in the right place!

what we offer

Brainstorming Party

Need to do a little donor detective work? We'll help you secure live auction packages that will have all hands raised.

Discovery Call

Are we a good fit? Give us a call and tell us the goals you have for your nonprofit's next event and we'll help you build a successful event!

Donor Cultivation

We can help you bring in new donors while exciting long-time supporters to give repeat gifts.

Special Appeal Strategy

Let us help you craft an engaging, educational, and respectful appeal that raises both awareness and funds!


From finding and including new sponsors to working with your tried and true sponsors, we can help you navigate the landscape.

Timeline & Momentum

The flow of your fundraising event can impact your bottom line. Artisan can help you keep your event on track so you reach your peak giving potential while giving your guests a night to remember!


Whether you need just an outline or a full script, we have a scriptwriter on staff who can help you find the language that reaches your donors and represents the spirit of your nonprofit.


Guidance on where to put your auction item energy and an in-depth look at what sells for your audience.

The Insight You Want

We can help you clear those blocks and get unstuck from some of of the more intricate ins and outs of fundraising, while helping you focus on raising big money!

PHAMEtastic Gala

PHAME Academy


We partner with civic-minded nonprofits to make the world a better place. Sound like you? Then get in touch, and let's make progress.

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