Artisan Auctions exists for one purpose.
To solve your virtual event challenges so you can fully fund your mission.
You have questions. We have answers.

Why hire a professional auctioneer when our local news anchor offered to do it for FREE?

Your auction is most likely a substantial part of your annual revenue, and you cannot afford to get it wrong. Risking your profits on the performance and guidance of a well-meaning, but ill-equipped friend is too big a gamble – especially when there are highly-skilled benefit auctioneers who can help you plan and execute an event that your donors look forward to year after year. An unskilled auctioneer who is willing to work for free will cost you far more in lost auction revenue than the fee to hire a trained professional. Every single time. “You want to spend the money because Artisan Auctions is a team of professionals who know exactly how to help you through whatever challenges you come across. Having their help in structuring our appeal, walking us through everything… Our appeal goal was $65,000, but it brought in $150,000! That’s something you can’t do without a great auction team.” Cris Gilman, Development Director, Northwest Academy $2,011,891 Lifetime Revenue with Artisan Auctions Every year we host and attend hundreds of auctions across the country, so our team knows exactly which techniques and trends are working best with today’s donors.

Benefit Auctioneer or Commercial Auctioneer? What’s the difference?

Commercial Auctioneers move stuff. Benefit Auctioneers move people. Just like doctors, auctioneers specialize. Would you hire a heart surgeon to fix your plumbing? If you want to move cattle, you need a cattle auctioneer. If you want to move specialized stuff (fine art, automobiles, real estate, etc...), a commercial auctioneer is the best way to go. BUT, if you want to move people to donate at a benefit, you need a benefit auctioneer. Our benefit auctioneers know how to drive up bids by getting your donors excited to support a worthy cause.

Do you offer any kind of a guarantee? We do!

There aren’t many guarantees in life, but here is ours. Artisan Auctions guarantees that (if you allow us to) we will optimize every aspect of your event for maximum revenue using the best techniques available today. We guarantee that our high-yield, low-stress strategies will save you dozens of staff hours every week and solve your toughest challenges so your auction can raise more money than ever before.

My board is skeptical. What should I tell them?

Let your board know that we believe the most important factor in choosing an auction company is making a fiscally sound decision for the organization.
Our clients choose to come back and work with us year after year because they know that being fiscally sound means choosing the company that yields the highest net growth. When the numbers skyrocket, skeptics tend to change their tune.

Do you offer a 501(c)(3) Discount?

We work exclusively with 501(c)(3) organizations, and we know how tight event budgets can be. Don’t let a shoestring budget get in the way of raising the money you need to grow. When clients work with us, we teach them how to get all of their event expenses (including us!) paid-in-full before a single guest walks in the door. That way all the money you raise at your event will be 100% PROFIT. We’ve taught hundreds of nonprofits how to: Overhaul auction event budgets, eliminate wasted costs, and get everything paid for upfront.

How far in advance do we need to book Artisan Auctions before our event?

We generally book 9-12 months in advance, and the peak dates on our calendar tend to fill up quickly. We also have multi-year contracts in place, so some dates are already locked in for 3 years. The very least amount of time we need to get everything ready is 90 days, but it’s never too early to get started! The sooner we can get you up and running with Strategic Procurement, the more money you will raise.

I’m feeling overwhelmed about Procurement and Sponsorships. Can you help?

We can teach your team everything you need to know about strategic procurement and sponsorships.

  • Approach Major Donors about extra-large gifts with confidence and humor
  • Lower your event costs and ticket prices by securing event Sponsors
  • Procure irresistible Auction Items that your guests will be excited to compete over

What is a Special Appeal? Isn’t that the same as a Paddle Raise or a Fund-A-Need?

A well-structured Special Appeal will be the biggest moneymaker of your event, and the best part of all is that an Appeal doesn’t require procuring any auction items. Hooray!! A Special Appeal generally raise much more than both the Live and Silent Auction – and with far less effort. At a strategic point in your Live Program, the Benefit Auctioneer will pause the bidding and ask the crowd directly for Meaningful Gifts. Our levels of giving often start at $10,000, and continue... $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 $250 $100 Our highest-raising Special Appeal raised $3.5M. One appeal. All profit.

Do you provide Bid Numbers, or can we just use some index cards and a Sharpie?

Download our free Bid Numbers and Silent Auction Bid Sheets right now by clicking HERE! We’ve also put together several quick video tutorials on best practices for increasing profits with your printed materials. Visit the Blog to learn more. Bid Card Do’s and Don’ts Profitable Bid Sheets: The 13-Line Formula Drive Up Silent Auction ROI with The Lucky Line Should You Be Printing Package Values In Your Catalog??

Can you recommend some reliable vendors for Catering, Sound, and Venue?

We sure can. We’ve worked with some of the best vendors around, and we’d be happy to connect you with all the Profitable Partners you need to succeed. We made a video about it, too: The 5 Profitable Partners You Need For A Successful Auction

We want to have alcohol available for donors to purchase at our event. Are there limits on how much alcohol we’re legally allowed to sell?

Every state is different, so it’s important to check you local laws. In Oregon, you’re allowed to sell up to 4 liters of distilled spirits in your auction. Fermented beverages are fair game. Here’s what the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has to say on OLCC Liquor License about Auctions and Raffles And here’s OLCC’s Auction or Raffle Application Form

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Ask us anything. Want a Quote? Click HERE Click HERE to send us a message Call: 503.734.7287 Email: Mail: PO Box 19084, Portland, OR 97219

Artisan Auctions offers Strategic Auction Planning and Professional Benefit Auctioneers. How much do these services cost?

We tailor your services into a customized Auction Service Package which will vary in price based on several factors including your number of Guests, number of Live Auction packages, your choice of Benefit Auctioneer, and the size of the team required to accomplish your goals. To get a fast, free quote, click here! We also teach all of our clients how to lower their event expenses, optimize their spending for the greatest return, and get their entire event paid for upfront (including our services).



Virtual Fundraising Events

We hosted 56 virtual events in 2020, and our clients have been consistently breaking their own records, even in a pandemic.

Mission-Driven Hosts

We are Professional Fundraising Hosts who know how to connect with your crowd through virtual.

Live Stream Planning

Create a Live Stream program that seamlessly builds generosity in your guests.

Dynamic Support Team

Our dedicated event staff will ensure that your virtual event goes smoothly from start to finish.

Special Appeal Strategy

Harness the power of the biggest moneymaker of them all. 100% profit.

Chat Room Cheerleaders

Warm up your crowd and set the stage for enthusiastic support of your mission.


When you need to solve your virtual event challenges, Artisan Auctions is the fundraising partner who knows how to get you where you want to go. Ask us anything. We’ve seen it all.