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Virtual Galas

Virtual fundraisers took off in 2020 for a funny reason I can’t put my finger on without having to go wash my hands. But are they still in vogue? Yes! Cost effective and engaging, no tech fear here! Let us show you how to throw a digital bash that brings in big bucks for your nonprofit!

what we offer

Donor Support

No tech-fear here, this is a get it done zone! Artisan Auctions is ready to answer any questions that come up from donors who may have trouble with the live stream or bidding platform.

Vendor Collaboration

Partnering with your preferred vendors to make your event profitable.

Fundraising Host

They lead the fundraising and host the entire program. Making sure all parts of your online program is executed to tell a great story that inspires generosity.

Data Clerk

Your Data Clerk will be making the virtual mercury rise in the virtual thermometer. They create momentum in your online thermometer by adding predetermined gifts to keep guests at home engaged in giving.

Production Manager

Your virtual fundraiser production manager is your mission control for the evening.

Chat Room Cheerleader

Your Chat Room Cheerleader makes sure every guest is seen and encourages engagement (and giving!) in the chat window, and relays critical info to (and from) the audience!

Script Writing

Whether you need just an outline or a full script, we have a scriptwriter on staff who can help you find the language that reaches your donors and represents the spirit of your nonprofit.

Benefit Auctioneer

Your fundraising revenue leader is in charge of getting your donors excited and engaged to give generously!

Wanna Know More?

Virtual events help your nonprofit reach a broader audience in an accessible way. With virtual events, everyone’s welcome to join the party! No boundaries, no limits!

Throughout the pandemic we were able to raise over $35 Million virtually! We’re fans of the no-sweat tech! We’ve got the know-how to help you raise that mercury!

Live in Hope Benefit

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness

ORS Gala

Oregon Repertory Singers

Fiesta of Hope

Adelante Mujeres

Love In Deed

St. Ignatius School

Housing Heros

Cornerstone Community Housing

Pajama Party with a Purpose

Chelsea's Closet


We partner with civic-minded nonprofits to make the world a better place. Sound like you? Then get in touch, and let's make progress.

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