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This event was the best of both worlds, virtual and live. We started the night with a virtual gala that started that broadcast at 5pm, right when guests were arriving onsite for the live gala. We had a quick 45 minute program and we were done prior to the ballroom doors opening for the in-person live gala. A Split Hybrid Event.

We were able to use the footage that was captured for the virtual production in the live event as well. The biggest lift was setting up both events to work for their respective audiences. And it worked perfectly. This organization was smart as well by broadcasting the streaming event every hour on the hour for the night so folks could join and give at a time that fit their schedule.

Attendees at the live event were treated to everything you want when you gather. A beautiful space, a delicious meal and a generous Special Appeal. And SURPRISE, we had an item to sell from our appeal speaker, a beautiful painting that sold for $2,750!

Portland Community College Foundation

Begin Again


Portland, Oregon


  • Photography: Tom Cook Photography


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