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If ever there was a story of less being more, this is it. Historically, this event hosts 750 people in the tent right outside in the parking lot, but due to pandemic restrictions this event had to be limited to about 250. So, we hosted this event in a unique Split Hybrid Style.

The organization decided to host a Virtual Gala two full days before the Live Auction. It was perfect. We produced a fully recorded virtual gala to play on event night. And guests who attended gave generously online.

Then we had the big event in the tent. Only 250 people. The Question: would we be able to make the goal we set out to achieve with 500 fewer people in attendance? The Answer: Yes, and then some. Friends gathered, raised their bid cards high and often to support this work. And thanks to the incredible work of the staff who worked tirelessly to secure precommitted gifts coupled with the results of the virtual gala, they exceeded their goal and raised a record-breaking $2,000,000!

Friends of the Children



Portland, Oregon


  • Photographer: Casey Minter

  • Audio Visual: Seamless Events


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