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Sometimes you have to switch things up. And Guardian Partners did just that. This event was a bit more relaxed that previous years and it is just what the audience wanted. A cocktail format event with casual environment, tasty appetizers and no rubber chicken dinner.

Oh, and long gone are the days of 10 auction items in an event. This organization decided to really slim things down and hosted a live auction with 2 items. Yup, only 2 live auction items. They also included a raffle because their attendees LOVE a game of chance.

The results? Well numbers were up in all areas of the event. "It felt like a slam dunk!" Raising 50% over goal.

Auctioneer Andy Lindberg had worked with this organization through the pandemic, virtually.


"Can't say enough about Andy. We expected him to be fantastic and it definitely translated in the room!"

- Marc Kochanski | Executive Director, Guardian Partners

Guardian Partners

Partners Party


Portland, Oregon


  • Photography: Josh Shutters Photography

  • Event Planner: Raise Agent

  • Venue: The Loft at 8th


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