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Live Auctions: The 5 Vendor Partners That Are Worth Every Penny

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When you’re planning your fundraising event, there are definitely times when you need to spend money and times when you need to save money. You want to invest your budget in the places where it will be worth the spend, so today, I’m sharing my List of 5 Profitable Partners Who Are Worth Every Penny.

Hiring the right strategic partners is one of the best ways to maximize your revenue, and the partners you want in your corner are the ones who make sure you’re producing the Best Event Possible. They’ll make sure your event is profitable and seamless. Again... these partners are worth it. They make the magic of the night happen so your guests can have fun and focus on giving. And you can focus on your guests.

Vendor Partner One: A Professional Benefit Auctioneer

Not a commercial auctioneer.

Not a cattle auctioneer.

There are many amazing commercial auctioneers and friendly volunteers who might offer to help you, but if you really want to raise more money, you need someone who has the expertise to inspire your guests to support your organization and keep the focus of the night on fundraising.

Vendor Partner Two: A Professional Sound & AV Company

If your guests can’t hear, they will not bid. I repeat, if your guests cannot hear, they will not bid. And because an audience’s eyes are always directed to the brightest spot on stage, the addition of event lighting that a good AV company can provide, will make a huge difference in keeping your audience focused in the right place. That focus equals more money.

Vendor Partner Three: A Fundraising Event Planner

This person (or small team) will have their finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn't in the fundraising world. Work with the right company, and they will take care of all the planning details that are so easy to accidentally overlook.

Plus, if you need to freshen up your event’s marketing, a fundraising event planner can help you strategize how to rebrand your event for ultimate fundraising success. Strategy in fundraising is everything, otherwise you could be wasting your budget or leaving money on the table.

Vendor Partner Four: Good Auction Software

Bite the bullet and purchase auction software.

Good auction software will create an easy-to-manage ticket purchasing site, keeping all your event data in one place. This database will house all your important information regarding ticket sales, sponsorships, guest information, auction items, payments... I promise, your staff will thank you when they don’t have to track all this information manually. Auction software also makes Thank You’s to donors as simple as a click of a button.

Vendor Partner Number Five: An Onsite Computer Support Company

Make check in and out a breeze by hiring a support team that handles computers and technical support onsite at your event.

Your mission is to make your guests feel comfortable from the minute they arrive so they’re always enjoying themselves and in their most charitable mood. Your computer support team will be responsible for your attendees’ first and last impressions, so make them count.

Smooth check in and check out ensures your guests get an excellent first impression and will want to return next year, and the Computer Support team will make sure all of your data entry is correct and that your guests are only charged for purchases made during the event. happy guests mean continued support.

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