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Artisan Options: Live Events

Live events are a blast. If everyone feels safe gathering, it can be a wonderful fundraiser event. Live gala events have a lot of potential: you could have a garden party, a black tie affair, a barbecue, a costume ball. There are so many options to celebrate your mission and help raise awareness and funds. What do we need to put on a live event and what are its components?

LIVE EVENT: All attendees are present at the venue, no virtual component. Live events usually include a cocktail hour, an online and/or silent auction and a live auction.

Here’s what Artisan brings to the (literal) 🥳 party:

Full Live Gala Staffing:

Onsite Coordinator: Your OC is the eyes and ears on the ground on event night. The Coordinator will follow your script closely to make sure all cues are being executed properly. They’re not so much a stage manager as a program monitor and if something needs to be addressed, they will bring it to the attention of the proper vendor. When you need anything, the onsite coordinator will be your facilitator to get the information to the right person ASAP.

Benefit Auctioneer (That’s Me!): Your Benefit Auctioneer will be your revenue leader on event night and will work closely with the Onsite Coordinator to make sure all elements of your event are executed according to plan. It’s the Benefit Auctioneer’s job to get the crowd engaged and excited about your mission, helping you execute your appeal and sell auction items and make your crowd of donors feel like the stars they are.

Auction Clerk: Your Auction Clerk will be responsible for recording all of your sales transactions. Their sole responsibility is to listen to the auctioneer during the program so that they can record every transaction accurately. Don’t be offended if they shoo you away from their space – it is crucial that they are 100% focused so they can track every dollar and prevent problems with donors.

Bid Assistants: Your bid assistants are your hype people. They act as an extension of your Benefit Auctioneer and will interact up close with your attendees so the Auctioneer can keep a larger eye on the entire room. Bid Assistants make sure every bid gets seen and encourage bidders to go for it. The final number of Bid Assistants will be determined by your Estimated Guest Count and your Stage Layout. Events that are In-The-Round generally require additional Bid Assistants.

Even if your live event doesn’t have an auction, we still recommend an Onsite Coordinator, a Benefit Auctioneer, and an Auction Clerk.

Interested in hearing more? Just reach out!

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