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Big Money Mindset

Hey, my fabulous fundraisers! I want you to get excited about your gala event and get comfortable making big asks.

Whether you’re procuring items for your live auction or asking for your capital campaign, I want you to have a big-money mindset.

But Kelly, what does that mean? Having a big money mindset is thinking outside the box of your gala event, and beyond each paddle raise. What if, and hear me out, what if you could double what you made last year? What if you could hit the benefit auction jackpot?

What if it all works out better than you imagined it could and you hit that dream goal? Don’t pinch yourself, it’s possible. We just need to get you into a big-money mindset.

What does it take to get into a big-money mindset?

Not everyone has the same relationship with money. And that’s okay. It may feel daunting to ask a donor to give a large amount of money when your relationship with money is very different. What feels like a huge sum to you may be something your donors are happily and willingly prepared to give.

Rejection stings, but it’s not the end of the road. Instead of focusing on the negative answer, get curious. Mrs. Miller always gives but this year she’s giving considerably less or even saying she can’t give. Check-in with Mrs. Miller. She’s a valued member of your organization and see what’s up. Circu

mstances may have changed that have nothing to do with how she feels about your organization.

Invest in what brings results. Put your time and energy into the big earners in your event, like your special appeal and your live auction. The juice needs to be worth the squeeze and it’s okay to think about return on investment when it comes to your biggest earners of the evening.

Want more advice on your next big event? Reach out for a free consultation and we can work on getting you in a big-money mindset!


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