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Auction Procurement: Only Procure Items You KNOW Your Donors Will Buy

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Would you like to know the easiest way to get the PERFECT items for your upcoming auction?

Of course, there’s always the HARD way...

  • You can make your best guess...

  • You can take whatever items come your way and hope they work…

  • OR you can procure desirable auction items the easy way!

With a Brainstorming Party.

Let’s take a look at how to do a Brainstorming Party right, and you’ll see the bid cards flying and more money coming to your organization.

When it comes to finding the right items for your event, there are so many ways to do it. But the easiest way to get the right items is to ask your attendees what they want to bid on!

But how do you go about getting this information and making it fun? By hosting a Brainstorming Party!


We have found the Brainstorming Parties work best when we schedule them on a weeknight, for two to three hours.

When inviting donors and attendees — it’s important to make sure they know that this will NOT be some boring old work meeting.

There will be food!

There will be drink!

It will be relaxing, and social, and laid back.

This is brainstorming at its best.

All the brainstorming will be kept lively, and it will give the folks who attend a chance to join in on the excitement of creating a successful auction!


From your Brainstorming Party, you will walk away with a list of items that your guests have told you directly that they will actually WANT to bid on.

These parties can also:

  • Improve your committee relationships

  • Help you get focused on procuring items that are truly desirable to your attendees

  • Easily find out who has access to those items within your own guest base


Now, you may have one person who is the driving force behind the packaging of items and who is ultimately in charge of all donations, but...

EVERYONE is on Procurement.

This simple guideline is crucial to your success because everyone involved has their own personal Rolodex of Relationships.

By sharing the responsibility of procurement across all committee members, no one person is left carrying the full burden.

Some things to be sure of throughout the Procurement Process:

Fresh ideas create more excitement as well as enthusiastic bidding at your auction, so be sure to get the whole team on board.

If you'd like help with hosting your Brainstorming Party, get in touch by clicking HERE.

Now, let's go raise some money!


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