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Charity Auction Raffles: Never Have More Than One Raffle!

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With all the different fundraising activities available for your event, it’s easy to get excited…

Maybe too excited and go overboard with activities.

The more difficult part is in narrowing down which activities will be the ones that work best for your donors.

Raffles like Heads & Tails and The Golden Ticket are both super appealing, but my recommendation to all of my non-profit clients is to never have more than one raffle at your benefit auction.

Here are 4 solid reasons to only have one raffle

Reason #1. Too Many Options Can Frustrate Your Guests

For example, if I’m a guest, and I’ve budgeted $100 to spend on raffle-type games for the night, and a friendly volunteer comes up and offers me tickets for the Heads & Tails Raffle, I may spend my $100 on 10 tickets at $10 a piece.

And I’m happy to do it.

But then if another raffle seller approaches me to sell spots in a Golden Ticket Raffle, now that I know about it, I may be wishing that I could buy tickets and be in the running to snag any item out of the live auction.

But now I’m unable to go for the Golden Ticket without going over my raffle budget, and I’m locked into the Head & Tails.

Ok, fine.

Reason #2. Too Many Points Of Contact Can Feel Overwhelming

You definitely want to give your guests a variety of ways to engage, but you don’t want them to feel like they’re walking through an obstacle course of shopping mall kiosks with aggressive employees.

Beware of making your guests feel pressured to participate in EVERY revenue enhancer you throw at them.

If they feel too overwhelmed, they may just shut down and stop participating altogether.

Reason #3. Too Many Activities Can Make Your Event Feel Like It’s Dragging Along

Every single opportunity you offer takes time.

So if it’s an activity is not contributing positive momentum to your night, or is actually slowing your event down, your guests are going to feel all that energy.

Can you see all the money being left on the table yet?

Reason #4. Too Many Raffles Undermine Any Sense Of Urgency

Raffles work best when they sell out, and the quicker the better.

You want to encourage the idea that if guests wait too long to bid, they’ll miss out.

If you have multiple raffles, it can give the impression that if one raffle doesn’t work out, another one will come along.


With some careful planning, you can reach your goals without overwhelming anyone, and your guests and your bottom line will thank you!

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