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Artisan Auctions has helped raise over $100 million for nonprofits, schools, and charitable foundations across the United States with Live and Silent Auctions.


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Artisan Auctions was founded by Certified Benefit Auction Specialist, Kelly Russell.

Kelly and her team of professional Benefit Auctioneers and Auction Planners can transform any fundraising event into an incredibly profitable moneymaker.

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Live & Silent Auctions: How To Set Up Efficient Check-In & Check-Out (feat. Streamline Support)

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thumbnail how to set up check in and check out with streamline support

Hello, my Fabulous Fundraisers!

Today, I’m joined by Jon Bridenbaugh of Streamline Support. In this 2-part video, Jon shares best practices for setting up so you have happy guests and fewer headaches.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

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