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Great Live Auction Packages for Schools!

Attention fabulous fundraisers! Class is in session to help your educational nonprofit stock your live auctions with items and experiences that will sell sell sell!

The key to a successful live auction is knowing your bidding audience. Your audience is full of excited parents, friends, family and community members dedicated to helping you provide amazing educational opportunities. We know who’s in the audience, but what are they going to bid on and how do you procure it?

In an earlier blog post, I urged you all to Use your network when procuring items and schools have a big one; alumni, parents, school board, all people who can help you source items for your live auction packages. This network is invested in your nonprofit raising funds, so don’t hesitate to step up and ask if they’d be willing to hook you up!

As educators and fundraisers, I know time is a precious commodity when it comes to planning your fundraiser and you’re not as available to go wine and dine your donors like other nonprofits. Let’s take a look at some highly successful auction packages I’ve seen lately:

Instant Wine Cellar: This instant wine cellar is a big seller (call the pun patrol, I have more). Have everyone on your board or planning pick up a bottle of their favorite wine, $25 or more and viola! Packaged nicely with a beautiful display, instant wine cellar. Small output, big gain for this package.

Outings and Activities (Group and Family): You’re going to have a lot of parents in the audience and they’re going to be looking towards family-friendly activities. You don’t need to scramble to find trips to Rome or a 5 day Yacht excursion if that’s not what your audience wants. A lot of the experiences you’re looking for are right in your backyard. Here are some great ideas for outing packages I’ve seen spark :

  • Mushroom hunting

  • Geode cracking/gem hunting

  • Day on the farm

  • Principal for a Day

  • First Responder Birthday Party (who doesn’t want their birthday at the fire station?)

Easy-to-Get Adult Packages:

  • Dinner With (Local Celebrity, Teacher, Principal, the opportunities are endless!)

  • Tickets to Cultural Events for a Year (Gallery openings, sports tickets, etc)

  • Date Night Packages for a Year

Some of these ideas may sound a little off the wall but all you need is one parent, alumni, faculty member or volunteer with access to some of the things on this list and you’re in.

I know as a school, your nonprofit doesn't have some of the same access for procurement as other nonprofits. If you're looking for help, just drop me a line!

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