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Live & Silent Auctions: Keep Everything Organized With One Simple Trick

Hello, my Fabulous Fundraisers!

At benefit auctions, numbers play a crucial role, and with one easy trick, you’ll be able to identify your Silent Auction items, Live Auction items, and Bidder Numbers in the snap of a finger.

Start by downloading FREE Printable Live Auction Bid Cards & Silent Auction Bid Sheet Templates.

Take the number 101.

Imagine if at your auction, the number 101 is a bidder number, a silent auction number, AND a live auction number.

That means you would have 3 resources to check before knowing exactly what needs your attention. It’s confusing and time that doesn’t need to be wasted.

Now with one quick trick, we can avoid any confusion and make organizing the bidding much, much simpler.

Here’s the secret...let every number work only one task for you.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s start with the auction items.

As you are assigning your numbers, All LIVE AUCTION ITEMS should be assigned within the range of 1-99.

Now, hopefully you don’t have 99 live auction items, but for quick reference, you’ll know anything between 1 and 99 is an item in the Live Auction.

Live Auction Package 8 a week in paris

Next, we’ll ASSIGN SILENT AUCTION ITEMS in a higher range.

For a smaller auction that could be 100-199. If your auction requires more numbers, you can add another 100 numbers into your silent auction sequence and use from 100-299.

Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Finally, your BID NUMBERS should be assigned IN THE 300-599 RANGE.

Or you can jump to a higher range and go with 400-799.

Live Auction Bid Number 487

This way each number only ever has one assignment. If a volunteer comes to you with the number 157, you immediately know you are dealing with a silent auction item.

If they say 502, you’ll know it’s a bidder that needs your assistance.

No cross checking. No time wasted.

Simplify your numbering to help with your troubleshooting for the night. Your volunteers will thank you as well.

Ready for more expert auction strategy?

Learn How To Drive Up Bidding In Your Silent Auction with The Lucky Line

Now, let’s go raise some money!!

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