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Presenting Awards at Your Next Fundraiser

As a nonprofit organization, you probably have so many donors, supporters, staff, and volunteers that make your organization tick. Of course, you want to celebrate them and highlight their support and contributions, and what better time to acknowledge their hard work than at your fundraising event?

Yes, your fundraiser is a great time to present an award to an individual within your organization and have the crowd celebrate their contributions to your community. Allow me to walk you through some of the important things to remember when honoring donors or guests at your fundraiser.

Spoil the surprise and make sure the person you’re honoring knows they’re being given an award that evening. Even the crickets chirping think it’s awkward when they’re the only ones making noise and the audience is waiting for your honoree to come on stage…and they’re not there. First and foremost, invite your honoree and tell them about their award.

Honor new inspiring stories each year. Honoring new and inspiring stories will ignite generosity in the room and maybe turn a potential donor into an actual donor. If last year you honored a beloved community donor, this year maybe honor a staff member who went above and beyond for your nonprofit or utilize your fundraising appeal to honor an amazing client who, through the support of your organization, is now in a much better place and excited to spread awareness about your nonprofit.

Spell-check your honoree’s name and pronunciation and do a little research on the comments you plan on making during your fundraiser. Of course, you probably know your honoree well, but if your Auction Chair or your Benefit Auctioneer is making the introduction for you, we want to be certain that this meaningful presentation is smooth for everyone.

Virtual fundraising doesn’t put a damper on your ability to honor significant donors, staff, volunteers, or clients. In fact, virtual fundraisers give you an opportunity for multiple takes! Working with your AV team, you’ll be able to get a polished video of your honoree and the award presentation.

Looking for more information on fundraising, benefit auctions, or just generally needing some consultation? Reach out!

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