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Live Auctions: Professional Sound Will MAKE or BREAK Your Event

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Hello my Fabulous Fundraisers!

Let's talk about one critical element that will make or break your event.

I bet you thought I was going to say an Auctioneer.

And while a professional benefit auctioneer will help you raise thousands more dollars, no matter how good your auctioneer, there’s something your auctioneer needs to build your success...

If your bidders can’t hear your auctioneer, they will not bid.

Even if you have everything else in place for your event – great venue, great items, and generous donors.

If they can’t hear, they won’t bid. Instead, they’ll disengage, and once bidders disengage, you make less money.

So, the one critical element that will make or break your event is…SOUND!

To help ensure your success, always hire a professional sound company.

But how do you find the right company?

Here are some things to consider when you're looking to hire a Professional Sound Company.


1. Do they provide an on-site technician?

An onsite event technicians has only one job for event night. That is to make sure your bidders can hear. They will follow your script and be sure to execute your audio cues, so all of your onstage speakers are supported.


2. Do they provide consultation?

A professional sound company will take time to learn about your venue and take into account equipment compatibility needs.

  • Will you be showing any videos at your event?

  • Will you have a band or music needs?

  • Do you have a silent auction in a separate room?

  • Do you need to make announcements in that room?

A professional technician can help facilitate your audio needs for the night. They will also help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage needed for your event and if an additional sound system is needed to cover all your sound needs.

They will they bring all the necessary equipment for properly configured sound at your venue.



Vendors, such as bands or DJ's, may offer their sound system for the auction, but please steer clear.

This is a generous gesture, but it’s always better to have a sound professional on-site to make sure you have the best audio solution for your event.


The long and the short of it is,

Quality Sound will make you MORE MONEY!

By putting this investment toward the top of your list, you can increase your event’s bottom line.

Now, let's go raise some money!

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