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Live Auctions: Recognizing Your Sponsors So They Return Next Year

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Sponsors are important because they help to reduce or eliminate the overall cost for your fundraising event.

We LOVE them, and we should show them that we do. Here are 2 Creative Ways You Can Put The Spotlight On Your Sponsors.”

SPONSORSHIP is key for any auction to be successful. And when you can use your creativity to showcase their support, they are more likely to return with even more support the next year. In fact, we’ve seen this happen at several auctions with a couple of fun methods.

The first is a fun way to get your whole crowd involved in shouting out all the sponsors names. It’s a Call and Repeat. This is perfect for our camp themed events.

  • “Everyone, repeat after me!” - “Repeat after me!”

  • “Cupcake Jones!” - “Cupcake Jones!”

  • “Wells Fargo!” - “Wells Fargo!”

  • “Pride Financial!” - “Pride Financial!”

It’s fun and get the whole crowd involved. You can split them into teams and your emcee and auctioneer can pit the crowd against each other to see who is the loudest side and who has the most spirit.

My other favorite Sponsors in the Spotlight, I first saw at PHAME Academy’s SPARKLE Gala in 2014. They have an Executive Director who has a beautiful voice and they decided to have him sing his gratitude to the sponsors in a song. The Performing Artists of PHAME selected “Let it Go!” from Disney’s Frozen which he parodied into “Thank you So!”

The result of the Parody of “Let it Go!” was so popular, sponsors were increasing their gifts to be included the next year’s Sponsor Song, and that tradition has since continued.

I think last year they were even able to sell a whole verse dedicated to one sponsor for an increased sponsorship gift. Very creative! Very fun! And you have never seen a crowd get pin drop quiet for the sponsorship recognition like they did at this amazing event.

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