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Live Auctions: Drive Up Bids With The Golden Paddle

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Hello my Fabulous Fundraisers!

Today, I've got a new take on an old favorite: The Golden Paddle (vs The Golden Ticket) can help drive up your Live Auction sale prices by thousands.

Remember back in the day…

When you won the raffle and you were given an Auction Scrip or Credit for live auction purchases. The Golden Paddle is another way to win credit for the live auction, but with more pizzazz and style!

The Golden Paddle is sold just like The Golden Ticket.

100 tickets are available for $100 each.

A winner is drawn and is awarded The Golden Paddle.

The value of The Paddle is predetermined by the auction committee. For our example, let’s say they get $2,000 in credit.


So how does this make you more money?

First, you sold 100 tickets at $100 each and raised $10,000.

And now the winner of The Golden Paddle has $2,000 in credit to drive up the spending in the live auction.

With their $2,000 in credit, only redeemable in the live auction, they will want to win a bid on an item to claim their prize.

Instead of giving away an item at the top of your auction for the Golden Ticket, you’re creating the opportunity for everyone to be able to bid on the item of their choice.

With the Golden Paddle, the raffle winner has an edge with their $2,000 in credit while still allowing others to potentially outbid them. And until The Golden Paddle Winner successfully secures an item, this could drive up the price on lots of items in the auction.

Higher bids equal more overall revenue for you. Everybody wins!


Notes worth Noting:

It’s always important to check on your state’s specific rules and regulations. Although we work nationwide, Artisan Auctions is based in Oregon, where we have a cap of $10,000 for raffle sales without a license.

But whether your state’s limit is higher or lower, The Golden Paddle is a great way to get more out of your auction!

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