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Live Auctions: How To Raise More Money With Bid Assistants

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live auction bid assistant

Hello Fabulous Fundraisers!

I want to share something that is worth its weight in gold: bid assistants!

Also known as Spotters, bid assistants are a crucial extension of the benefit auctioneer who is up on your stage.

And any professional benefit auctioneer can tell you, a GREAT Bid Assistant will help, you raise SO MUCH MORE MONEY.

When done right, bid assistants will make a HUGE impact on your event, they ADD a level of energy and entertainment that keeps your bidders engaged in the action.

Think of them like cheerleaders.

They encourage attendees to bid, and when someone SUCCEEDS in winning an item, bid assistants can be the FIRST to give thunderous applause.

With a quick glance, they can connect with nearby bidders, as if to ask “Would you like to bid?”

But MOST importantly, they signal to the auctioneer that someone has offered a bid by shouting a spirited “YUP.”

Bid assistants also have no fear of communicating with your bidders.

As trained professionals, bid assistants listen carefully to the auctioneer and can relay those numbers to your attendees, sometimes with a simple gesture, other times by approaching your bidder and encouraging them.

They can also answer questions to the best of their ability, or, if they don’t know, they can help find the answers your attendees need.

You'll always find bid assistants smiling and making sure your guests are having a fabulous time while supporting your great organization.

Professional Bid Assistants will raise much more money than volunteer assistants.

While volunteers may get the job done, staying in tune with the auctioneer and guests within a fast-paced auction is a challenge that pros can easily handle.

And I'll let you in on a secret, if your auctioneer has professional bid assistants available for your event, in this instance, you WILL make more money than if you have a volunteer in the same role.

And that’s our mission at Artisan Auctions: the highest revenue possible.

Trust me, bid assistants are WORTH IT!

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