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Revenue Generators: The Sugar Rush (AKA The No-Dash Dessert Dash)

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These Fundraisers Raised An Additional $16,810 Just With Dessert



ALIX: This is Alix Zimmermann here, with Artisan Auctions, and I am standing next to one of the most beautiful Sugar Rushes I have ever seen. This is the first year this organization will be utilizing the Sugar Rush, transitioning away from the Dessert Dash.

KELLY: This is gonna be a great evening, folks. We're gonna have so much fun, and we're gonna raise a whole bunch of money tonight.

ALIX: We're gonna talk to a few members of the committee this year, that were responsible for dessert procurement, and see what they think about this year's event.

PATTI: We really look for those desserts that are gonna be outrageous, that are gonna be really terrific, that are gonna have that, "Oh my God" quality about them, because when you want to bid on a dessert, it's got to be terrific.

ALIX: As far as its implementation into the live auction component this year, how do you think it's really going to impact the flow of events tonight?

NICOLE: The biggest this is that we're gonna be able to keep our audience focused on the fundraising, versus getting ready to go, and run, and grab their dessert, and kind of lose the entire crowd. So, we're really excited about just keeping everyone on task and all about the fundraising.

KELLY: There are only 13 desserts you'll see. Only 13 tables will have one of these premium desserts tonight. So, make sure you all give as generously as possible on our Sugar Rush.

It's time to pick up those Sugar Rush cards.

One table bid $2,900 for a dessert tonight.

ALIX: We are at post-event wrap up. How are you feeling about this evening's events?

NICOLE: So good.

ALIX: Everything went super smooth, yes?

NICOLE: Everything was so smooth.

ALIX: Kelly is the only one that knows the total rate. Is this the grand total or just the high bidder total?

KELLY: This is for the Sugar Rush, specifically... $16,810. New record.

NICOLE: New record. $16,000.

PATTI: Oh, my god!

ALIX: Everybody wins when you implement The Sugar Rush.



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