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Virtual events! Live Events! Delta Variants! It’s a lot.

With our ears to the ground, we’re hearing a lot of rumbling these days. Given everything the past 18 months has thrown at us, how are we going to keep things fresh? How do we keep our audiences pumped up, excited, jazzed and with us? How do we keep people giving, especially when we’re all soooo soooo tired – and even a little bored with the options?

These times may be the ultimate test of our strategic brains and capacities. Because the truth is, even though there was never necessarily a “right way” to do these things, as we hit our strides in fall 2021 or spring 2022, we’ve got more options and ideas to consider than ever.

What do we recommend? Let’s break it down!


Virtual Events:

Even though this may not feel new and sexy anymore, virtual events will still be the best way forward for many of us. What should you be doing to make your virtual event successful?

  • Keep an eye on the cutting edge as new trends and ideas emerge

  • Add elements like competitions between households, entertainment, raffles, games or other successful tools that may have fallen away last year in your pivot

  • Consider utilizing a leader board

  • Deepen your engagement with table and party hosts


Live Events:

Live events are wonderful. They’re amazing. And if you’re sure this is your best way forward for your next event, here’s what you need to think about – and do! – to make it work.

  • Make risk assessments a part of every conversation

  • Welcome dialogue about safety and special needs

  • As yourselves: Can we take this event outside? And if we do, should we host it at a time of day when it’s lighter, warmer, and more comfortable for guests?

  • Consider a tent that is mostly open

  • Consider a “pod method” to household people together at the events in smaller (think 2-6 people) pods

  • Consider a proof of vaccination model with a checkpoint so that everyone feels safer

  • Consider a “rapid test” model that tests partygoers on arrival

  • Consider requiring masks – and providing them. Maybe this is a souvenir everyone takes home, or you require everyone mask up with provided masks to prevent cross-contamination


Other Options

Hybrid hybrid hybrid! We’ll be talking more about this in a future post, but just to say that one of the things we’re pretty sure is here to stay are myriad, awesome hybrid models to help us continue holding great space for all of our supporters.

The bottom line is what we’ve said all along. People want to help you meet your goals. If your event gives them opportunities to have a safe, fun time in these most challenging of times, everyone wins. So put on your thinking caps, try a few of these strategies – and let us know what you discover! We can’t wait to hear all about it.



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