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We'll Pivot with You. We are Ready.

Happy New Year!

Let’s talk about the variant in the room: Omicron. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how to approach this blog. I’ve gone through a few versions of it - should it be funny? Should I be super serious? What do you say when we’ve been dealing with the pandemic so long we now have a favorite mask and a preferred nasal swabbing method?

So I’m just going to lead with the truth for the 2022 giving year: We see your organization's hard work.

We know your nonprofit needs to fundraise and continue lifting your community. And we are ready; ready to help you pivot your gala event and combine creative ideas to keep your gala on the calendar, ready to help you continue communicating and engaging with your supporters and potential donors. The Artisan Auctions team has been creatively pivoting live events to hybrid, hybrid to virtual, and helping organizations throw amazing virtual galas that bring in donors and raise support and funds since March of 2020. If your fundraising event is being impacted by the pandemic, we’re confident we can help you raise money regardless, whether you’re having raffles, auctions, or just focusing solely on your fundraising appeals.

We don’t know what 2022 may hold for the gala and fundraising event season but we’re happy to help you stay proactively engaged with donors and keep spirits high, all while staying authentic to the story your agency needs to tell to raise the funds you need. It’s 2022 and just know, we’ll #pivotwithyou.

What happens when we need to #pivot your fundraising event? (Insert Ross Gellar PIVOT scream here). Well, our smiling staff is ready and equipped to help you switch gears from in-person or hybrid to hybrid or virtual to keep up with the changing safety concerns and regulations of your area.

Artisan Auctions can help you transition your fundraising gala in the event of a variant surge or change in your community's gathering restrictions.

Find out more about how we can help you #pivot your fundraising this year. We are ready to help you meet your fundraising goals, whatever the variant throws at us.

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