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How To WIN Any Live Auction Item with The Golden Ticket

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This represents $5,000 if you're our lucky winner tonight.

How would you like to win a pile of free money to spend at your next live auction?

Our number one thing to take care of tonight is this absolutely wonderful, bedazzled golden paddle. It's a little umbrella. Isn't it cute?

Well, if your next benefit auction includes the golden paddle, I've got an easy three step strategy on how to play and win. First, when you arrive on site, find the golden paddle ticket sellers ASAP. They should be wearing something easily identifiable by a brightly colored balloon or a special hat or some fun and crazy outfit. Second, ask your ticket seller what the prize amount is and how much each ticket costs. Determine how many tickets make sense for your raffle budget. We think the sweet spot is between one and three tickets. The more tickets you buy, the higher your odds are of winning.

The first number is 2... The next number is a 1... Oh, we lost a couple people on that one. Who's still playing?

Finally, purchase your tickets as early as possible on event night. Tickets for the golden paddles sell out fast. So if you wait to buy, you may be out of luck.

Final number is five. Bidder number 215. So close. Where are you 215? You have $5,000 to spend. Spend it wisely, my friend.