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Kelly and her team of professional Benefit Auctioneers and Auction Planners can transform any fundraising event into an incredibly profitable moneymaker.

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How To WIN Your FAVORITE Silent Auction Items with Mobile Bidding

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Today's tip is all about Mobile Bidding.

When you arrive at your event, the check-in staff will ask you for your phone number and they'll send you a text message with your mobile bidding link. That's all you need to start bidding on any of their great items.

If you decide that you really want a specific item, mobile bidding just lets you go ahead and purchase it at the guaranteed price.

Mobile Bidding also gives you the option to select an item and enter the highest bid you're willing to make, and then the software will do all the bidding for you while you enjoy cocktail hour and spend time with your friends.

Plus, if the current bid ever exceeds your original limit, the software will send you a text alert and you'll have the chance to reconsider and increase your limit on the spot.

One last thing, make sure your phone is fully charged before you arrive so you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Happy bidding, and good luck.