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You need a host? We’ve got you covered.

Sometimes finding the right host for your virtual fundraiser can be sooooo tricky. Right? We know it can be friends! These days more than ever, we’re trying to appeal to the widest audience possible and find, in the voice of our host, just the right alignment with the voice of our organizations.

Plus, let’s face it. Many of the fundraising hosts out there right now were built for a different stage than the camera. Take it from us, we’re used to projecting our voices to the end of the ballroom / the rafters!

So how do you decide whose made the jump to virtual and who hasn’t?

Here are some of the questions we’ve been hearing lately:

Artisan, who’s going to understand me and my donors? Who’s going to bring the right level of energy, fun, playfulness or smarts? And even more importantly, who’s going to be the exact right strategist on my behalf when moment-to-moment decisions need to be made? Who’s going to be able to talk me down or pump me up?

These are great questions to ask fundraisers, and we’re glad you’re going there. Because let us tell you, not only do we love to put on virtual fundraisers—we also love to watch them in our spare time! So not only have we seen the entire spectrum of hosts out there we’ve become expert matchmakers ourselves in the 16 years we’ve been hosting events ourselves.

To help make this just a little teeny bit easier, we’ve baked up a fabulous fundraising pie filled with the 3 most critical questions you need to get answered before you choose your one and only, as well as a few extra tips to make your decision-making smoother and more streamlined. Plus, as a little bonus, we’ve listed out some of our most favorite vendors to make your virtual auction the sweetest it can be.

As you engage the process, remember to:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

  • Watch for hosts who can hit the “sweet spot” of your energy

  • Listen for interest and curiosity in your organization and work

  • Gauge whose partnership feels authentic and genuine

  • And definitely consider who graciously motivates you to want to give more money!

And more than anything fundraisers? Enjoy the process! We know you’re going to end with someone just awesome.



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