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Your Virtual Dream Team

There’s no easy way to say it – and you’ve probably even heard this before! In the virtual event-world space, just like in the real-world event space, you get what you pay for.

We mean something a little bit more specific than that, here, though. Artisan, what are we paying for when we contract with you? Who makes up your team and why are they important? You know, we’re so glad you asked. Because there are actually several incredible and highly trained professionals who make up y(our) backend dream team. We sometimes liken this to a body, which needs all of its independent parts to function well and make things go. Everything has to work together.

So, who exactly you ask? Let’s break it down.

Dream Team Member #1: Your Production Manager

This is the person who coordinates with the rest of the team players. The team captain if you will. They are also making sure all gifts are being recorded. Why is this so important? As your gifts roll in, your Fundraising Host will be acknowledging givers and creating the seamless frontend experience. Having a trusted production manager is a critical piece of making sure your audience of givers feels seen, known and acknowledged.

Dream Team Member #2: Chatroom Cheerleader

Welcomes people, keeps the chat running smoothly, helps keep the energy up at your event and also filters gifts that appear in the chat into the Production Manager’s workflow to make sure this trail of wonderfulness is seen, recorded and reflected as your event moves forward.

Dream Team Member #3: Data Clerk

This person keeps your real-time donations calculator singing, humming and reflecting every single gift. Since this calculator is an activator and momentum-generator, we need to make sure all the singing and humming is happening quickly and in time with the event. It’s a subtle thing but it makes all the difference to get this right.

Dream Team Member #4: Donor Support Team

Sometimes people have trouble with the tools and technology. Want to make sure you’re covering this base? That’s what our donor support team does best, managing a help line that helps your donors avoid frustration and reflects the gifts they’re having trouble making back through the team like a ripple.

Could we function without anybody on this team? Could you hire some of us and not the others? Well, maybe. Yes, you probably could—and trust us, some of you have tried! But we’d really rather you didn’t. We all want your event to shine. Bring in the professionals with the glitter lamps! Otherwise, you could potentially be making big sacrifices to the quality of the event and to the experience you’re trying to create. And we wouldn’t be a good partner to you if we didn’t point this out. So, trust us, party people. You want to invite everyone on this team to yours.



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