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America’s New Fundraising Game Show: Double Your Dollars LIVE!

Last week, in the midst of a pandemic, one of my lifelong dreams finally came true. I got to be a game show host on live TV.

Here’s a link to watch the replay: Double Your Dollars LIVE!

I have always loved game shows. I love the classic ones like The Price Is Right and $100,000 Pyramid. I love the newer shows like Ellen’s Game Of Games, Nailed It, and Hollywood Game Night.

There’s just something about watching people play games and win fabulous prizes that puts a smile on my face. I think that’s also part of why I enjoy being a benefit auctioneer. The thrill of competition in the room. The frenzy of bid cards in the air…

So when I got invited to be the host of a new virtual event format that was a fundraising game show, I was beyond excited.

Double Your Dollars LIVE! was created by Portland-based producer, Chris Hatcher. Even with all of the new virtual events popping up across the country, I hadn’t seen anything quite like it.

From the fun-to-watch games to the visual design to the energetic music, Chris has created an entirely new game show format that is fully interactive for folks watching at home.

The contestants in the June 25th episode of Double Your Dollars LIVE! were all educators in Indiana raising money for the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation.

Randy, Morgan, Rick, Lane, Jane, and Alivia played wacky games from their homes, and the West Lafayette community tuned in to play along in real time and win some great prizes.


Here are a few of the comments from folks in the live chat during the show:

BCohen: Fun Stuff!! Nice program!!
JenTaylorFL: That. Was. Hysterical.
Jodi McClcure: Thank you to everyone! This was such a GREAT idea!!!

Hosting my first live game show was thrilling! Not only was it a dream fulfilled, I’m happy to report that it was a total blast, and we raised even more than the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation was hoping for.

Chris and I are also teaming up on another exciting virtual fundraising format: Virtual Vineyard Tastings & Live Auctions. These are next-level wine events with vineyard tours, virtual tastings with a live sommelier, and live bidding on world-class wines.

More news to come, but for now, here’s the replay of the Double Your Dollars LIVE! debut on June 25th, 2020.

Get ready to play America’s most exciting fundraising game show!

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