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Finding Live Auction Packages That Drive Revenue

Hey fabulous fundraisers! Let’s deep dive into researching our live auction packages. I want your next auction to have big-ticket items that sell, start a friendly bidding war, and have people talking and clamoring for tickets next year!

First, let’s look at our live auction data to determine what people are buying. Did that winery trip sell really well one year but not the next? Does your audience avoid sporting event packages? Do you get a bidding frenzy with outdoorsy trips and crickets on self-care spa days?

There’s always room to raise more funds, so even if everything sold well last year, it’s okay to shake things up. Before you plan your next live auction, take a good look at your data from past events and look at what really got your audience engaged. So where do we start?

Use your network! When it comes to your live auction packages, using your nonprofit’s network to secure one-of-a-kind opportunities for your auction should be your most-used secret weapon. Does someone on the board have access to an amazing lake house, a VIP arena box, or an apartment in Paris? Your board of directors is invested in your nonprofit raising funds, so don’t hesitate to step up and ask if they’d be willing to hook you up!

Since we’re on the topic of asking…go right to the source and ask your donors/high bidders what they’d be excited to bid on. Send out a questionnaire, have a brainstorming session, or have some conversations over coffee with your donors and gather more data and information.

Get clear on the wants! Once you get all your info together, take a hard look at the answers you’ve gotten and narrow it down. Do they all seem to want experiential packages that have them traveling abroad? Is there a split in interest between items like Instant Wine Cellars and event tickets? I want you to gain clarity in this part of the process. Just because you have access to a trip or an experience doesn’t mean it lines up with what your audience wants.

Feeling stuck? Check out our previous blog for ideas on hosting a brainstorming party! Take a look at why knowing your audience makes a difference in your auction procurement process!

I want your next live auction to bring the house down (metaphorically) with exuberant bidders and that all starts with a deep-dive into the intricacies of your audience.

Need more help? Don’t be shy, just reach out!


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