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Some Scripts are Better than Others: 8 Reasons a Full Script is a Must

You can take our word for it. But likely, our fabulous fundraisers, you don’t have to. Because you’ve already realized this statement to be true in your heart of hearts.

Remember that event you think of every time someone asks what a great event looks/sounds/feels like? The one that went off flawlessly, during which every speaker said a thousand compelling things? Where one speaker seemed to lead into another with orchestrated, high-intensity wonderfulness? The one that had great energy -- and made more money than anyone thought possible?

We remember that event too! And what we can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, is that someone scripted your favorite event very carefully.

But Artisan. That was a live event we’re remembering. Do we need a script now that all of our events are virtual? Why should we take the time to write everything out when we can edit everything up perfectly in advance?

Well fundraisers. The answer is a very hearty and resounding YES (you do need a script, friends). And let us count the reasons why:

1. Your script sets the tone. You want your event to feel authentic to the tone of your organization, don’t you? The script is your right now, here’s how.

2. Your script is a natural timekeeper. Want to keep your audience entertained while avoiding computer-fatigue? Scripting will allow you to build everything to the right length – and keep the momentum up while doing it.

3. Your speakers will be reading from a teleprompter, friend. And one of the best ways to make sure each person stays on message is to script those messages carefully and consistently in advance. And we mean everyone – from your emcee and auctioneer to your board chair, executive director and appeal speaker. The better your script, the easier it’ll be for them, too.

4. We’re living in a production environment now. Every segment of your virtual event is a well-built video (so feel free to revisit the 6 reasons an appeal video is worth the investment). Want to be sure it’s built to last? Script it!

5. Your AV partners need – and deserve – a good script. The script contains all your important prompts and cues. It will instruct the AV team what they’re building! And the sooner you can get them these very particular and special instructions, the prettier and more succinct your event will be in the end.

6. You want each member of your virtual audience to walk away with an understanding of who you are and why it matters, don’t you? We recommend scripting a concise “walk away message.” Will your audience be more likely to remember your most important catchphrase if they hear it 4, 5, 6 times throughout the night? You know they will! And the only way to make this happen is to script it that way.

7. You know how time is money? It’s really true. And we can tell you, friends, that editing video take a lot of both. Best way to save your own time and protect every precious dollar in event prep? You guessed it: script carefully so you produce segments that don’t need much editing to begin with.

8. Last but definitely not least, your virtual event will have a shelf-life your live events never had. Someone makes a gaff during a live event? Memories are short. You bake a gaff into your virtual event because someone was unprepared? We think you’ve probably already guessed how to avoid this.

It’s true -- we have the perfect antidote! Write everything down. Script every speaker to the sentence level. Then sit back and watch how perfectly – dare we say magically? – your virtual “live forever” event can be.



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