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Spring Clean Your Fundraising!

Spring is in the air! Now is the perfect time to retire the fundraising methods that don't work for you anymore. I’m not talking about tossing out anything major: you still have a budget and you still have all the amazing relationships you’ve cultivated with donors and sponsors. We want you to keep those rockstar relationships you’ve invested in while getting a clutter-free boost for next season.

I want you to take a critical look at what parts of your last event didn’t work for your nonprofit. Is there anything that made your event night butterflies do triple somersaults and not in a fun way? Let’s take a look at those parts, keeping in mind that just because a service or business didn’t work out for you doesn’t mean they’re not awesome, they’re just not a fit for you. Platform shoes and flip-flops all have their place in the closet, right? Right. Maybe next year you need a nice espadrille. Okay, no more shoe metaphors.

Let’s look at some of the places where events falter:

  • Tech: Do you dread using your giving software? Do you feel like you’re learning something bulky and new every year? Ditch it. Check out some new options. There are plenty to choose from. Go with something that makes it easy for Y-O-U! You deserve that after all.

  • Vendor Switching: Was there a vendor that fell through or didn’t work out? Every business has human moments, but if a vendor wasn’t a great fit for your event, start asking around for more recommendations! That doesn’t mean they’re terrible, it just means it’s time to move on. And with new vendors come fresh eyes and ideas. This could be just the boost you are looking for.

  • Space: Are you interested in a new venue, theme, or story for your event? Write it up, think it out, make some phone calls and start brainstorming now. Is the venue too far/hard to book? Check with some of your colleagues and switch it up for a different venue and look for some recommendations on great event spaces. After all, your venue helps to set the tone of the night. Perhaps your location is great but just needs a bit more shimmer and shine with some uplighting. Check out your options.

  • Take stock: Take a look at your last event; was it successful? Did you want more out of it? If you answered, “YES!” then it is certainly time to either change it up, or jeuje it up. Make the call that is best for you and your team.

I don’t want you to throw everything out, just give it a critical eye and see if it sparks fundraising joy. One thing you absolutely should throw out is naysayers. It’s important to remember that event planners and other contractors have their ears to the ground about the fundraising scene and the local temperature of certain things, but fundamentally you know what's best for your organization and what your staff and audience will need to have a successful event. A vendor, contractor, planner, or consultant telling you Hybrid is dead or Virtual doesn’t bring in the big bucks? I’ve got data that says otherwise. There’s a difference between a recommendation based on facts at hand and someone’s opinion that just happens to increase their rates. Do your research and find the person that will work best with you and your team. You deserve a partner who wants to see you succeed.

We want to see your event succeed at every level! We’d love to help you meet your fundraising goals!

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