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Testimonial? Yes please!

As you might have already noticed about us, we’ve definitely got an opinion. About most things, but especially about the things that matter most: how to raise money in the smartest and most thoughtful ways possible.

We very (very very!) much appreciate how attentive you are to our thoughts and advice. We appreciate your eyeballs on these blog posts and your ears when we’re talking about what you care about and what you need.

And we believe, as we suspect you might too, that there’s nothing quite as powerful as a happy partnership worth talking about.

With this in mind, we thought it was just about time we brought together some our favorite voices. Partners of ours who have a little something to say about what changed when they began working with us, what went right with their fundraisers and what they’d say to others looking for more magic, more money, less headache and less hassle.

So, without further ado, here are 3 videos that talk their talk and walk their walk about progress, purpose and powerhouse fundraising.


How did partner DaLynn raised $413,770 at her virtual event, increased her revenue year after year, saved money in expenses and earned her biggest growth ever? Take a look at this!


This is the powerful story of the little engine that could – Bravo Youth Orchestra’s big triumph in the virtual space in a totally unexpected way.


Partner Lauren tells the story of how different approaches, new best practices and awareness of trends netted her organization a whopping $135K.


So, what did we learn? If you’d rather not take our word for it, that’s quite alright. Our partners have great perspective to share too. And if you’d ever like to add your own voice and share your own thoughts and feedback, we’d absolutely love it!



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