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Silent Auctions: How To Create Profitable Auction Baskets

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silent auction basket ideas

Silent Auction Baskets can be a great choice for Silent Auctions, but the trick is creating baskets without asking donors to supply them upfront and then purchase them again at the annual auction.

Otherwise known as Double Dipping. Something we always want to avoid.

So how do you get these items donated free and clear where donors aren’t being asked to buy the same items twice?

We’re going to look at “3 Great Ways to Score Awesome Auction Items without Double Dipping.”

School Auctions are a prime example of organizations who LOVE classroom baskets for live and silent auctions.

There are just so many OPTIONS for what you can put together within a theme.

  • Kitchen gadgets

  • Pamper yourself at the Spa

  • Everything Chocolate

  • A Coffee Basket

  • A Tea Basket

  • A Date Night Basket... The list is as long as you are creative.

But let’s face it, no one wants to buy something twice. So I always encourage Parents and Donors to tap into their networks and ask for donations from companies or stores (or even friends) who can help them to create a basket full of goodies, without touching their own wallets. But how exactly can you make that happen?


First, if you have a friend or family member who let’s you know they can’t make it to your event, be ready to ask if they can help you with an item for the auction instead.

This is a great opportunity for them to help your support organization before the event without worrying about being absent the night of.


Second, leading up to your event I always recommend carrying some donor forms with you EVERYWHERE you go.

For example, if you find yourself dining out at a restaurant where you regularly spend your money, why not ask the manager if they would be willing to help support your organization with a gift certificate?

If you have your donor forms with you, it’s super easy to ask for the donation as you pay.


Third, brainstorm some services that you can offer an organization which only cost your time.

Are you a great gardener? Could you offer to clean up someone’s yard on a Saturday?

Perhaps there’s a fabulous, mouth-watering dessert you like to make. You could team up with 11 other great bakers and offer a dessert of the month package.

Maybe you’re well-versed at hiking or mushroom hunting and could lead a group on an amazing foraging hunt.

Get creative and there’s no limit on the fun you can offer.


The bottom line is… by asking others to help you acquire items for your event, you’re not supplying AND buying the packages twice.

No Double Dipping on my watch!

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