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Are You Prepared for the 2023 Fundraising Season?

Hello my fabulous fundraisers! Are you ready to dive into the 2023 fundraising season? Maybe your answer was a resounding “Yes, Kelly! I am!” or even if your response was a little less enthusiastic, I’ve got you covered for some tips to get a solid base ready for getting your fundraising on!

Procurement: Need some pointers and help with procuring items for your silent or live auction? Procuring items for your audience is a full-team, year ‘round affair. Are you getting the right auction items for your fundraising audience? Here are some tips and tricks to flex those procurement muscles.

Scripts: Struggling to find the write words…I mean…the right words? A solid script is a must for any gala event type, full stop. Take a look at some of our scripting how-tos to get you in the scribbling spirit.

Vendors: Do you have your support team ready and booked? Check out our vendor partner recommendations.


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