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Are You Prepared for the 2023 Fundraising Season?

Hello my fabulous fundraisers! Are you ready to dive into the 2023 fundraising season? Maybe your answer was a resounding “Yes, Kelly! I am!” or even if your response was a little less enthusiastic, I’ve got you covered for some tips to get a solid base ready for getting your fundraising on!

Procurement: Need some pointers and help with procuring items for your silent or live auction? Procuring items for your audience is a full-team, year ‘round affair. Are you getting the right auction items for your fundraising audience? Here are some tips and tricks to flex those procurement muscles.

How Do You Get the Right Auction Items for Your Event?

Are You Losing Money on Procurement?

Only Procure Items You KNOW your Donors Will Buy

Scripts: Struggling to find the write words…I mean…the right words? A solid script is a must for any gala event type, full stop. Take a look at some of our scripting how-tos to get you in the scribbling spirit.

Some Scripts Are Better Than Others - 8 Reasons A Full Script is a Must

Language and Your Fundraising Event

Vendors: Do you have your support team ready and booked? Check out our vendor partner recommendations.

The 5 Vendor Partners That are Worth Every Penny

Live Auctions: 6 Tips for Hiring the Right Auctioneer

4 Ways Your Caterers Can Help You Raise More Money

Need more help! We’re booking up fast! Reach out for a discovery call if you’re ready to raise record-breaking funds!

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